MOI’M New York, Inc. (MOI’M) is a mission-driven 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
Our mission is to bridge people, ideas, and opportunities to inspire new ways to connect with one another and the world around us.




As distinguished collaborating entities that help our signature projects thrive, MOI’M Partners and Sponsors are well-represented
across the financial, media, and product sectors. They are our supporters, assisting us to reach our fullest potential. Both Partners and
Sponsors share our mission, objectives, and ultimate vision — without them, we could not have made it this far.

Our special sponsors are the NYC Sports betting sites. These sites have helped New York City residents find it super easy to place bets on sporting events sitting on their couch. New York has finally legalized sports betting and knowing the best NY sportsbooks 2021 could be of help to bettors. In-person betting had started in 2019 and in April 2021, mobile sports’ betting has also been approved.

NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo along with state legislators had been negotiating for many weeks to finalize a deal that would introduce mobile betting in the Big Apple. This deal finally came through in April of this year and could make way for betting on mobiles by residents soon.

Game regulators are supposed to initiate requests for proposals that will let sportsbooks apply for sports betting licenses in New York. Four sportsbooks apps are expected to be launched for the purpose and there could be more. Bettors can enjoy online betting here even before the Super Bowl.

The state will launch an application process to this effect to identify the operators that will be given permits to launch mobile sportsbooks. Right now, almost a dozen casinos in upstate New York can run brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Even horse racing bets and bets on daily fantasy sports are regarded as legit. Mobile sports betting here is likely to become one of the biggest markets in the US. But sportsbooks might not be in a position to offer competitive odds in case they are forced to part with a large chunk of their revenues to NY.






As a premier entertainment and networking nexus, MOI’M is in a unique position to raise awareness for what’s going on at the grassroots
level in society. By joining forces with Community Partners, MOI’M offers its expanding resources for outreach and volunteer purposes
that serve to protect and enrich the local communities that we call home.


Participating Organizations are college student (undergraduate and graduate) organizations, alumni organizations, and young professional
organizations in the U.S. and Korea that have a special relationship with MOI’M. Our relationship is built on collaboration and the aspiration
to create unforgettable events for young Koreans who currently live in the U.S.MOI’M aims to act as a hub/umbrella for our participating
organizations (especially student organizations). We have created a network through which we (MOI’M and Participating Organizations)
support one another by promoting and participating in another’s events.