“Networking Through Entertainment, Inspiration Through Networking”


MOI’M is composed of some of the foremost creative leaders and thinkers of our generation who have a deep understanding of networking, entertainment and charity work. We have the ability to surround, engage, and energize the younger Korean generation by providing exhilarating and unforgettable experiences through our creative platforms.


MOI’M Recruitment

Do you like to party? More importantly, want to help organize The Biggest Parties alongside a team of passionate individuals with a proven track record of success? Then you are in the right place.
Come join us to produce some of the hottest and classiest creative networking events in the world, here in NYC!
MOI’M is a community of young professionals and students based in New York City, driven by our passion for uniting the younger generation of Koreans, Korean Americans and anyone who’s interested in Korean culture.
Some of MOI’M’s major networking events include annual formals in NYC, U.S. college mixers, concerts/VIP events with leading K-Pop artists, celebrities, and more!
We also work to further empower plus give back to the local communities around us, highlighting and supporting select non-profit organizations and community partners at our marquee events.
Our 2015 schedule will be full of exciting projects, and we want to invite you to be part of our team! To apply, please find the position you are interested below and submit an application along with your resume.
Creative Team
Event Team
Public Relations and Marketing Team

Partners and Sponsors

MOI’M’s Partners are distinguished collaborating entities that help our signature projects thrive via their insights and distinct sets of capabilities. Sponsors are well-represented across the financial, media, and product sectors and are MOI’M’s backers, assisting us in reaching our fullest potential. Both Partners and Sponsors share MOI’M’s mission, objectives, and ultimate vision — without them, we could not have made it this far.

Signature Sponsors

Official Partners and Supporters

Media Sponsors


Community Partners

As a premier entertainment and networking nexus, MOI’M is in a unique position to raise awareness for what’s going on at the grassroots level in society. By joining forces with Community Partners, MOI’M offers its expanding resources for outreach and volunteer purposes that serve to protect and enrichen the local communities that we call home.

Participating School Organizations

Participating Organizations are college student (undergraduate and graduate) organizations, alumni organizations, and young professional organizations in the U.S. and Korea that have a special relationship with MOI’M. Our relationship is built on collaboration and the aspiration to create unforgettable events for young Koreans who currently live in the U.S.
MOI’M aims to act as a hub/umbrella for our participating organizations (especially student organizations). We have created a network through which we (MOI’M and Participating Organizations) support one another by promoting and participating in another’s events.