“Networking Is Not About Just Connecting People. It’s About Connecting People With People, People With Ideas, And People With Opportunities”


- Michele Jennae


Networking Through Entertainment, Inspiration Through Networking.

MOI’M New York Inc. is a mission-driven not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting networking among students and young professionals through creative and non-traditional means. Our primary mission is “Networking Through Entertainment, Inspiration Through Networking.” We believe that a network of talented young people can lead to a self-propelling synergy with great implications. Once gathered, we use the opportunity to create a stronger sense of community and discuss how to further empower and give back to the communities around us by encouraging young adults to dedicate their time and talent to help others. As a Korean creative networking organization, MOI’M creates events that facilitate networking for anyone interested in Korea and promote community outreach.



Build Connections to Exchange Information, Interest and Passion.

New York City. We live in a metropolis that seems custom-fit for networking. A documentary on Radiohead that concludes with their show at Radio City Music Hall has the wry title “Meeting People is Easy” — but we know, like everyone else living in our digital era, that it isn’t when people are busy chasing their own dreams. MOI’M aims to provide the bridge, so that everyone’s priority ends up being each other. Through its signature galas and smaller events, MOI’M aims to be a new kind of analog, to provide an all-inclusive entertainment space where pure thoughts and goals reign supreme. Reminding each other that no one can go at it alone, or ever need to.



Talent · Vision · Imagination · Originality

What is creativity today? Is it a sleeker club scene, a song with a modified riff, a film that reflects modern relationships and their complexities? MOI’M believes that creativity transcends the word. No one called the Internet “creative,” nor the smartphone. Creativity is something that speaks for itself. Pushing or breaking boundaries, never doing the same thing twice, respecting the past but not being beholden to it. Our events intend to always surprise and stimulate. We don’t need to do better what’s already been done. Look forward to a different breed of art/music markets, film projects, fashion shows, science projects, health fairs, concerts and more. We can set a new standard together.



Open Eyes and See Life in a Fresh, New Way.

The things we need to do, the things we can do, and the things we want to do. MOI’M’s events reflect the importance of each in being genuinely happy with our city lives. Networking, giving back to the community, and having a ton of fun with stars and one another. This is no longer just a vision. It’s already happening. Join us, why wait?



Unique and Nontraditional Projects for a Priceless Experience

MOI’M looks at entertainment in the macro. A wild night of fun or two can be easily forgotten with the everyday pressures of life. Entertainment should be sustainable and can be lasting. Take for example Hallyu, or the “Korean Wave,” which caught essentially everyone off guard. A blend of mass appeal, dreams, hard work, and unbridled hotness, it represents a new generation that understands individuals’ core desires and hopes. Whether you’re in Shanghai, the Middle East, in Puerto Rico or Tokyo or Paris or Hong Kong, or right here in New York City, Hallyu is here to stay. MOI’M intends to harness not only the power of Hallyu, but its capacity for change and improvement. Our staff is composed of entertainment experts from every thinkable background, spanning music and fashion and art and film. We strive to stay one step ahead of each trend. Or perhaps, in time, to help shape them.


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