MOI’M’s First Annual Gala featuring YG’s Jinusean:
“The Red Carpet” A Big Success!”

A rolled out red carpet, cocktails, a photo-op, a delicious 3-course dinner, inspiring guest speakers, and a surprise performance. That’s what happened on the night of September 21, 2013 at MOI’M’s First Annual Gala: “The Red Carpet”.

After five months of hard work, founders Yeong Lim and Doyoon Kim made the exclusive event happen to serve young Koreans and professionals in the metropolitan area.
From Columbia to Harvard, NYU to Rutgers, this was a night of networking with class.
Guests had the chance to socialize and meet the alumni of some of the east coast’s prestigious universities, as well as special guest speakers, Lewis Dodley of NY1 and Sean of YG Entertainment’s Jinusean.

With the presence of Dodley and Sean in the house, they grabbed the attention of the Metropolitan Pavilion by telling their stories behind the camera. Dodley shared his experience of falling in love with the Korean culture and entertainment, while Sean talked about “Life and Balance” - the foundations and charities he takes part of off-cam with family and friends.
In addition to a great night of mix and mingling, socialites, young and old, took part in raffles and games with their respective tables to win prizes such as limo rides, helicopter rides, as well as designer fragrances.
However, the night doesn’t end just there.
Sean busted out with the mic rapping two Jinusean classics, “Tell Me” and “Phone Number”. Of course, the crowd went wild and began to sing along while taking pictures and recording the legendary rapper.

The night ended off with the nostalgic feeling of being young again as the performance brought a throwback feel to the Korean crowd.
But what MOI’M and its staff really taught the crowd was to inspire one another, as well as party with class!

Thank you and congratulations to MOI’M on a successful gala! Until next year!

[10/01/2013] KpopStarz, Staff Writer

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