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Jazz Clubs in NYC

Jazz Clubs in NYC

Since the 1920s, the jazz music scene has been deeply rooted within New York City life. Jazz took its wings in hundreds of NYC live music clubs and became a worldwide phenomenon. In my opinion, to truly understand what New York is all about, experiencing a jazz club is a must because jazz helped establish the Big Apple’s nightlife that we all love. In addition to landmarks such as Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola and Blue Note, here are some of my favorite jazz clubs in the city, ranging from upscale and mainstream locations to small, easy-to-miss spots where I had the most fun soaking myself in jazz.
재즈의 고향 뉴욕에서 재즈가 본격적으로 뿌리를 내리기 시작한 시점은 1920년대입니다. 그 때부터 재즈는, 뉴욕에 있는 수많은 재즈 클럽들을 중심으로 퍼져나가며 세계적으로 선풍적인 인기를 끌기 시작했습니다. 그러므로 뉴욕을 진정으로 이해하기 위해서는 뉴욕 밤 문화 발전에 큰 이바지를 한 재즈 클럽들을 꼭 경험해봐야 합니다. 뉴욕의 대표적인 재즈클럽이라 할 수 있는 Dizzy’s Coca-Cola와 the Blue Note 같은 클럽들 외에도 직접 가 본 재즈클럽들 중에서 강력히 추천할만한 곳 들을 간추려 보았습니다.

Jazz Standard – 116 E 27th Street
A combination of the best of two worlds, Jazz Standard/Blue Smoke can be spotted by its bright neon signs that shout out “Jazz” and “Barbecue” along Park Avenue. The jazz club sits beneath Blue Smoke, the restaurant extension of Jazz Standard. Home to Grammy award-winning band, the Mingus Big Band, this joint covered in red cushion is the spot for a “cool” jazz scene. Dimly lit and minimally decorated with accents of red, Jazz Standard serves one of the most flavorful ribs in town and hosts some of the brightest, young and upcoming jazz musicians of our time. It is a well-established venue that should definitely be […]